EFM or Ethernet First Mile

Features of EFM


EFM works by using a variant of the usual ethernet 10/100/1000 base protocols that allows for fluctuation in speed according to the distance and quality of the copper cable transporting the signal. This means that instead of requiring fibre cabling you can send ethernet traffic over a larger distance of copper cabling allowing for synchronous traffic (i.e. identical download and upload speeds) straight to your offcies without the need for an expensive fibre install.


The service is symmetrical in bandwidth each way which means that you have the same bandwidth for both upload and download. This means that remote staff dialling into your offices will not experience the thin end of the wedge when trying to use office applications and can work easily as if they were in the office. Another great advantage is that loading and saving documents from cloud repositories and applications such as SalesForce or Office365 take the same amount of time and you are not stuck waitint forever whenever Word decides to autosave your documents.

Low Cost

Because you are receiving ethernet over copper rather than installing a bespoke fibre cable connection there is no cost of installation that needs to be settled upfront or spread over the duration of the contract. This saves cost in installation as well as surveying and planning..

Time to Go Live

As there is no surveying or planning to be made when installing the cabling - it is there already - then the amount of lead-time for installation is substantially less. A dedicated fibre connection is usually scheduled for 90 days in the UK but EFM can be rolled out within 21 days as the system only has to be configured or installed at the exchange or ISP POP, not every inch of the way between you and them.

Contractually Agreeable

Due to the lightweight nature of the arrangements that need to be made in order for EFM to be installed there is a far smaller risk to be incurred on the part of the provider. As a result the term of contract is usually much shorter and more open to renegotiation or change.