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There is a vast range of products on the UK market and a daunting number of companies with which to partner. The advice on these pages has been written with the end user in mind to explain the differences in products and what may be suitable for each situation or application.

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In our opinion the smartest product for Ethernet WAN on the UK market currently



One of the greatest strengths of Virtual 1 resides in its customer support



Our local internet provider with a great enthusiasm for their products

Features of Dedicated Fibre and Equivalents


Unlike 'fibre to the curb' or 'fibre to the cabinet' technologies, dedicated fibre does exactly what it says on the tin - it is not a shared service that slows down when everyone logs onto iPlayer - it is a dedicated & reserved internet bandwidth delivered to you through glass fibre with no deterioration.


The service is synchronous - this means that you can download and upload at the same speed allowing for hosting of every sort of application and data source at your premises and also for fast uploads to the internet. Great when you are using cloud services such as Google Apps or Office365.


These services can be secured end-toend using virtual local area network technology. This essentially means that if you are connecting offices you can use unique paths through the fibre network without sharing data such as when you are using VPN across the internet.


Because these are business grade technologies you receive the service to match - the SLAs and quality response far outshine those of regular, contended connectivity.


Dedicated fibre is not an emerging technology such as 5G - it is simply the same technology you use internally in your own ethernet networks except traversing fibre instead of copper allowing for the same service across greater distances.

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